Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook

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Preparedness IS the KEY to your Survival

All of the Emergency Preparedness Information, Resources, Tools and Support found on this website are invaluable resource for anyone who has realized that being prepared for Emergencies is probably a good idea… even those already in the process of putting together their own Emergency Preparedness Plan, "EPP".  This website is also a great   resource for well established Preppers and even those few, advanced Preppers with well organized groups of like minded people. This website has something for everyone, no matter what their level of Preparedness knowledge, understanding or skill level.

One of the most notable attributes of our website is that all information and Resources utilized, have been fully vetted with the goal being to provide the highest of quality in regards to content accuracy, reliability and trustworthiness; plus preventing, (to the highest degree possible), any intentional disinformation articles or resources.

Outlined below is our specific vetting criteria that has been utilized in evaluating every article, video, podcast and resource link listed on this website.

  1.  The writing style is professional and fostering a sense of                             credibility
  2.  Logical, well thought out position or point of view
  3.  Allows or acknowledges differing opinions and viewpoints
  4.  Presented in a manor allowing the reader to decide
  5.  Provides resource links when appropriate
  6.  Quotes referenced when applicable
  7.  No apparent hidden agendas
  8.  Information is presented in a “Service to others” framework as              opposed to self-serving
  9.  “Most important of allSource withstands the test of time in                  regards to the above listed criteria.

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