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 PAID Member Information & Resource Categories

A)  Emergency Prep Level                        3 to 6
      EPP (Level 3 & 4)

      EPP (Level 5 & 6)

B)  "WTF" is really going on                     in the World

      Weather Mod. & Chemtrails

      New World Order, (Hist./Info.)

      World On The Brink

C)  World Financial Crises

      Stock Market Crash

      Financial System Collapse

      Wealth Preservation

D)  Earth Changes

      Severe Weather & Flooding

      Earthquakes, Tsunamis & 

      Vital Infrastructure Breakdown

E)  Solar Activity

      Global Warming?


      Tier ONE Science

F)  Future Prediction &                       Prophecy

      Future Predictions

      Remote Viewing


G)  Space Based Concerns

      Space, the Final Frontier

      Comets & Asteroids

      Planet X & Pole Shift

H)  Sci-Fi or Reality - You Decide

      UFO’s & Alien’s

      Through the Looking-Glass

      Unexplained Info

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