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 Dr. Jim deBoer

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The good news was, that companies were able to update their computers and fully resolve the problem, before December 31st 1999. The bad/good news was I discovered how vulnerable our society was to cascading infrastructure failures; which highly motivated me to educate myself on Emergency Preparedness, which lead to some significant changes in my life.

The more I learned, the more concerned I became, which finally resulted in relocating my family to a rural area on a small ranch and building an alternative energy system, (solar & wind), that produced about 80% of the energy for the ranch. I learned to raise animals and become more energy efficient. I also worked closely with a colleague of mine, Dr. Kelly Thompson, in developing the best 30 day long term emergency food storage system on the market and provided it to family, friends and business associates throughout California.

From 2011 to 2013, I was one of the Founding members of The Ultimate Survival Project, LLC and editor of The Ultimate Preparedness Manual, a Wikipedia style, digital multimedia Reference Manual on Emergency Preparedness in excess of 450 pages. Also, I wrote the Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook as a step by step educational tool to help people develop and implement a regionally specific and personally customized EPP.

Based on The Ultimate Survival Project company plans and my concerns regarding the vital need to produce a simple but effective educational system to help people become fully prepared for emergencies…  I decided to follow my intuition… developing my own business model and building this website to provide this vital educational information and materials to those who want to be more self-sufficient and less reliant on our Government for help.

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