Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook

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Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook

 Purpose of Our Webite

Provide our Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook, Information, Resources, Tools and Support, for individuals who want to be prepared for Emergencies and/or Disasters; during these challenging Economic, Geopolitical & Earth Changing times…

 Our Goal

Become a valuable source for those seeking Emergency Preparedness information, resources, tools and support... and empowering all of our Members, both General and Private, to "Get Ready NOW!"... not only to survive but to thrive during any Emergency and/or Disaster.

 Our Philosophy

Plan & Intend for the best 

But BE PREPARED for the worst…

 Dr. Jim deBoer
      Author EPP Workbook & Website Owner

Doctor of Chiropractic since 1984 – Specialized in Sports Medicine and Alternative Healthcare; heavily involved in all aspects of Emergency Preparedness for more than 16 years, author of the Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook, as well as, owner and initial developer of this website.

My Story: I first became interested in Emergency Preparedness in 1989 due to my concerns about the potential Y2K computer problem. I did extensive research into our modern societies, just in time delivery systems, electrical grid system, transportation system plus governmental resources for providing food, water and supplies to the public if the Y2K computer issue turned out to be as bad as some were projecting.  read more

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