Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook

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EPP Workbook and Website Introduction

This website has been created to provide educational information,         resources and tools necessary to simplify the development and implementation of a regionally specific Emergency Preparedness     Plan... significantly improving the chances for your survival during most Emergencies and/or Disasters - which you could very well encounter sooner than you may think.


I have created a comprehensive, yet easy to follow system that will take you virtually by the hand and walked through the step by step process, via our Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook; on how to create and implement your very own, custom designed “Emergency Preparedness Plan, "EPP",  for you and your family’s individual needs.

  • You will find a wealth of Emergency Preparedness Information,           Resources, Tools and Support that are second to none...

  • The most comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Plan Workbook       anywhere... 

  • And discover that implimenting an "EPP" with our support, is not       difficult at all but it dose take a little thinking, planning and                   organizing of your time and resources to get it done...  read more

Where Do I Start... 

1. Register as a FREE Member and receive access to the FREE Member Area Information and Resources See below for FREE Member Purpose...  Be sure to watch EPPWorkbook.com Video One - "Website Introduction, part one.  On this page... 

2. Visit the MEMBER STORE and purchase the EPP Workbook, (available in both downloadable and printed form).

3. Visit the MEMBER STORE and purchase one of our PAID Lifetime Memberships and receive access to the PAID Member Area Information and Resources, as well as the General Member Area, (full access to     

all levels of Emergency Preparedness Information and Resources). See below for PAID Member Purpose...  Be sure to watch EPPWorkbook.com Video Two -  Website Introduction, part two.   On this page...

Visit the MEMBER STORE and purchase our E-mail/Phone EPPI Support, (in needed), for all aspects of Emergency Preparedness Planning and Implementation, (Requires EPP Workbook Plus “Paid Lifetime Membership”Limited Availability)

Membership Levels

We provide two levels of Membership: FREE Membership and Paid Yearly Membership:

FREE Membership Purpose: Provide Information, Resources, Tools and Support at the appropriate gradient for the average person… in order to simplify the beginning to intermediate levels of Emergency Preparedness Plan development and implementation; as well as facilitate the individuals awakening process and subsequent expanding state of reality awareness.

PAID Lifetime Membership Purpose: Provide Information, Resources, Tools and Support geared for a much higher level of awareness, (viewed by some to be controversial)...  and to simplify the intermediate to Advanced levels of Emergency Preparedness; as well as generating financial support for our efforts to assist and motivate individuals far and wide to become better prepared for whatever, regionally specific, Emergencies and/or Disasters they may encounter.

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